Exercise reduces stress and helps effectively in stress management

Posted by Haripriya Munipalli on Wed, Dec 5, 2012  
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It is common for everyone these days to experience stress while carrying out the office work, working with children at home, and while performing house hold activities. There is scientific evidence to show that stress harms the human health. Stress is known to decrease the immune strength, increase the cholesterol, create skin and weight problems, enhances the risk of heart problems, and raises the blood sugar levels and causes many more ailments.


Doing exercise everyday keeps the physical health high and also aids in managing the stress effectively. Exercise helps the individual to sleep well, release well-being chemicals such as dopamines, endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline and relaxes the muscles that are under tension. It is suggested to perform certain activities regularly to keep the stress away and some of those activities constitute the ones you like mostly. The person has to do them every day with commitment to observe some changes in the stressful condition. Any movement can be repeatedly performed to attain relaxation similar to the relaxed state of mind one achieves when he or she meditates. Certain exercises that provide rhythmic effect are cycling, walking, swimming and running. Some people might feel relaxed and comfortable after performing breathing exercises. Some others will enjoy and relax when they play Tennis or any similar sport that involve pair of players.


Certain measures can be implemented to make exercise reduce the stress. As we think that children need to play for some time in order to raise their mental ability, so too the adults need to relax. It is important for the adults to take a break from their daily responsibilities for some time. To make it real that exercise reduces stress, the person can run after children, use a staircase instead of lift, clean the house using vacuum cleaner, and prune the garden trees and so on. Though all the above mentioned activities may not bring relaxation to the mind, they can help the person to stretch the muscles, breathe fresh air, normalize the heart pumping, and more than everything helps us to divert from our normal work. Instead of doing the same work all through the week, it is suggested to take a yoga class once or twice a week. Childcare is one of the best options to exercise your body regularly.


Whenever a person is under stress, a hormone called Adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH will be released in the body. This hormone is otherwise called as fight and flight hormone. The release of this hormone will help the person under stress to gain more energy and fight against the stress and pain with lot of energy. This hormone will definitely help the people in certain situations like in a car accident where the person will develop presence of mind and energy to move out of the car. The energy is gained due to ACTH release. But, in many situations stress cannot be handled by fight and flight response. Many severe health problems might result due to continued raise in ACTH levels. So, exercise can replace the drugs to get rid of stress. Exercise can make the hormone to leave the body and decrease the negative impact of hormone on the body.


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