Every Child is Unique

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Sep 5, 2011  
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Parenting is indeed a tough job. There are so many things to balance. Being a parent is definitely is like getting a tattoo on your face. You better be sure you want it for the rest of your life. In the process of being a good parent we tend to pressurize our kids a bit too much.


Couple of years back academics was the only thing children were bothered with. There were few basic career options like doctor, teacher, lawyer or a businessman. Today the choices are many and you can make a profession out of anything. There is a strong expectation from the parents to see their kids as all-rounder. This has increased the pressure and the imbalance.


First learn to know your child’s abilities. Don’t be under the misconception that your child is the best. It is the duty of the parents to discover their child. Look for signals about your child likes and dislikes. If your child is interested in art and craft then encourage him and take him for such classes which can help her in developing her skills. Let the child excel in activities he is interested in, but at the same time it is good to expose the child to other new activities. It is only if you spend quality time with your child will you be able to understand your child’s potentials. It does not make sense to send kids to too many hobby classes. It just uselessly tires him down. Find out what interests him and what bores him? When you know about your child’s abilities then send him to his choice of hobby classes accordingly.


Being a parent is definitely not a cake walk. Accept your child the way he is. If he is a mediocre accept it and work accordingly. Every child is unique and has a potential and hence make genuine assessment of your child. Then only will you be able to guide him in the right direction. Respect your child’s feelings, likes and dislikes. Some parents even make hobbies as competition and if the child is unable to perform according to their expectations, the parents tend to make them feel miserable. But remember this is definitely not good for a child’s development. They get disheartened and they do things not out of passion, but just for the sake of it and to keep their parent happy. So parents should not pressurize a child to excel all the time, but at thesame time too little pressure will make the child complacent. Just do the balancing act properly. Give him the independence to decide what he wants to do. Remember we stay in a world where there are so many options so expose your child to it and at the same time give him the independence to decide what he wants from life.



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