Estrogen fights against UTI in postmenopausal Women says study

Posted by Jyoti Mishra on Wed, Mar 22, 2017  
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A recent study showed significant role of Estrogen in defeating urinary tract.The researchers involved in the study said that estrogen supplements may help menopausal women to ward off recurrent urinary tract infections.


Urinary tract infections are among the most common diseases affecting over half of all women at some point in life and repeatedly in 25 percent of these.Menopausal women have an increased risk of recurrent urinary tract infections which has been associated with low estrogen levels.


Infecting bacteria first come in contact with the inside of the urinary bladder. The bladder lumen is covered with epithelial cells,acting as a fence protecting the vulnerable tissues as well as producing antimicrobial peptides,the body's self made antibiotic. These peptides acts rapid front line soldiers fighting infecting microorganisms. By the early action of antimicrobial peptides,the number a of bacteria can be reduced before they have a chance to multiply.In post menopausal women,however the epithelium is fragile and often damaged with occasional gaps between cells,which in turn affect the ability to resist infection.


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