Ensuring Your Baby Sleeps Better

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Wed, Apr 13, 2011  
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In order to keep kids sleeping soundly during night, parenting poses great challenges for parents today.

The reason why the toys and baby products companies are coming up with innovative gadgets is the need and requirements of the parents in inducing sleep ways in their children. To lull a bay to sleep soundly is indeed a tough task.

The age old grandma’s recipe ensuring peaceful sound sleep still holds its importance and relevance even today. Some significant methods which are time proven and tested, helping babies doze are:

  A good amount of physical activity will tire the kids and will be effective in inducing sleep as soon as he hits the cozy pillow. Exhaustion due to physical activity will not only channelize his surplus energy but will also help him sleep soundly. Grandma’s practice of story- telling has multiple benefits. It enhances moral values in their tenacious mind. Story narration relaxes the mind and settles the wandering thoughts of the child. The child will be drawn to dreamland slowly and peacefully.

Another effective technique is singing a good lullaby. Music is like honey to our auditory senses. This will be a good way of bringing your child to sleep slowly and slowly.

Some people consider adding small quantity of nutmeg to milk is good to bring on sleep to your little one.

We are well versed with the benefits of sleep. It is the sleep which relaxes our mind, body and soul. The cardiovascular system is de-stressed during sleep. A good and sound sleep reduces blood pressure and increases our concentration level.

Babies require good amount of sound sleep to remain healthy and fit. Parenting will be an easy task, once you know the ways to bring your babies to sleep easily and soundly.

Remember, your baby will sleep better and will be hale and hearty!


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