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What does egg donation mean?  Participating in egg donation - egg donation recipients (of donor eggs) and egg donors need to know as they can about egg donation.  For starters - the egg donation definition.

Enclosed some sources of an egg donation definition:
Egg donation is the process by which a woman provides one or more eggs (or ova or ocytes) for purposes of assisted reproduction or biomedical research.  
The process of taking eggs from an egg donor, fertilising these donor eggs with the male partner's sperm in the laboratory dish and transferring the resulting embryo.
A form of collaborative reproduction - sometimes compared to sperm donation, but an egg donation process involved more comittment and time for the egg donor and more physical involvment.  
A process in which a woman may donate eggs through in vitro fertilization to another woman.  When an egg donor provides her donor eggs to help an infertile woman.  The egg donor's ovaries are stimulated by drugs to produce extra eggs, which are retrieved during the egg donation process. 
The act of donating eggs to someone else for use in attempting pregnancy through in vitro fertilization to persons who need donor eggs to conceive.
When a female donates her egg(s) for another female to use via IVF because she either lacks eggs, has poor quality eggs, is genetically predisposed to a problematic pregnancy or unhealthy child.
For women who lack good quality eggs, have premature ovarian failure or don�™t want to risk passing on a known genetic disease. The process takes eggs, usually from a younger woman - in fertile years, fertilizes them with the male�™s sperm and places them into the patient�™s uterine lining
As women age their ovaries ability to produce good quality eggs (ovarian reserve) begins to diminish.  Using donated eggs enables woman experiencing difficulties the chance to become pregnant and carry an egg donation pregnancy to have a baby through egg donation.

The number of eggs donated can be any thing from zero to almost 30.  All egg donors respond differently to the egg donation treatment.


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