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Food is a part of our daily routine. It is essential for growth and energy. We spend a lot of minutes on planning and preparing our meals. Yet we hardly devote a second on reflecting if we are eating the food right. Healthy eating is something that we miss out on in our busy life. But it is easy to gain nutritional benefits from our daily food if we know the right way of eating them. Eating them fresh is one of the many factors that contribute to healthy consumption of food.


Fresh food is the main thing that ensures we are consuming food with their nutrients intact. It is easy to get. Fresh food markets are available everywhere. You must be having one in your locality. Vegetables, fruit, milk products and even poultry must be fresh when you buy them. You can also buy those products which have been kept frozen as freezing prevents the loss of nutrients.


There is a whole lot of differences regarding how you can benefit from fresh food and those items which are days old. The former has its essential nutrients intact while the latter may lose them due to exposure to heat, moisture and such external factors. Besides, it is not healthy to eat meat and milk products which have been kept exposed for many days.


It is not just shelf life which determines the idea of freshness. Cooking also destroys a lot of nutrients. Vitamins, especially the water soluble variety, are lost when you cook your vegetables. Instead of stewing them or frying them, eat them as salads whenever possible. Even if you do have to cook, do not waste the gravy. Boiling and steaming are preferable methods to frying.


To ensure the fresh food coming into your kitchen, you have to take measures on your own. Regular shopping is a must. For food items which decay quickly, you can’t buy them in large quantities. If you do have to purchase more, then keep the surplus items in deep-freeze. Buy only those vegetables and fruits which are in season. Exotic fruits may look delicious, but they have traveled long distances and ripened in boxes, not trees! Many people plant their own vegetables and herbs. This is also an option that ensures you get your food fresh whenever you want them.


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