Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Explains What is Decidua

Posted by shivanisachdevgour on Wed, May 29, 2013  
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This is the name of the endometrial lining after the ovulation. During the first half of cycle proliferation (increase thickness) occurs. After ovulation due to progesterone, the glands get coiled, more vascular and starts secretions. On the surface the cells are rounded and are called decidual cells. These cells get filled with fats and glycogen and become polyhedral. When embryo reaches the uterine cavity, it gets the nutrition from these cells. The embryo in turn gives trigger that maintains the decidua and prevents menstrual periods.

Initially all the regions of uterus are covered by the same decidua. At the time of implantation, the decidua is sub groupedinto three regions:

• Decidua basalis – the area where the blastocyst adheres – site of future placenta.

• Decidua capsularis – portion of the deciduas that covers the embryo as it buries into the endometrium. It forms a protective covering on the cavity side, and separates the embryo from the external environment.

• Decidua parietalis – rest of the decidua not in contact with the embryo.


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