Will Artificial Leaves Take care of Energy Crisis

Posted by sucharitha kovuri k on Wed, Oct 6, 2010  
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By this we may avoid potentially lessen the effects of global warming........

If we are searching for energy sources then some amount is produced by  hydro electricity, some from fossil fuels and a miniscule from nuclear reactors but this is not enough …… we need some other source from maybe it can still come from our Sun

The sun pours more energy onto the earth every hour than humankind uses in a year. But to be saved, humans needs a radical breakthrough in solar-fuel technology: artificial leaves (Man-made leaf: Researchers are devising artificial leaves that could similarly convert sunlight and water into hydrogen fuel, which could be burned to power cars, create heat or generate electricity, ending dependence on fossil fuels. )

Artificial leaves will capture solar rays and churn out chemical fuel on the spot, much as plants do.We can burn the fuel, as we do oil or natural gas (Plants produce their own chemical fuel—sugar—from sunlight, air and water, without producing harmful emissions.) To power cars, create heat or generate electricity and we can store the fuel for use when the sun is down.

You cannot judge everything from the outside…….says our co2

  Carbon dioxide is not causing climate change. It absorbs totally all 15-micron light but it is very transparent to other important infrared wavelengths. More carbon dioxide cannot absorb more light to make the Earth warmer.

A carbon dioxide laser is very efficient and it can be powered by sunlight. The l0.7 micron laser output can be converted directly to electricity, which can then charge batteries or produce hydrogen or alcohol-type fuels. Work should be done on the laser and the cell that produces electricity from 10.7-micron light. A catalyst is useful but it is only one way to solve a problem that the CO2 laser already solves…..


Hope humans fruitfully duplicate the real leaves that can change sunlight into energy............



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