Does Controlling Stress Can Stop Hair Loss

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Body: Stress, whether it is physical or emotional does impact hair growth cycle and can also trigger or worsen hair loss. Though the exact mechanism of how stress as sole cause can impact hair fall is not very clearly known, but there are obvious links between stress and hair loss.


Stress related hair loss

Telogen Effluvium: It is the condition in which stress can signal hair follicles to enter into deep resting phase even when they are on middle of their growth cycle. This condition is further worsened if the stress is not controlled and the follicles keep on maintaining a resting phase, only to die off eventually.


Trichotillomania: This is the compulsive disorder of pulling your own hair either due to excessive stress or due to compulsive habit of pulling hair out. In such situations, it is highly recommended that one should seek help of an expert doctor, consultant or best a psychiatrist.



Does Controlling Stress help

Yes, it is completely true that controlling your stress level will help you a lot. The benefits though are not limited to reduction in hair fall. Rather, it also gives you inner happiness and you are a changed person. Stress can cause hormonal turbulences, which when eased, allow you to lead a better life. So, stress management is must for a person suffering from hair loss.


How to manage your stress

Eat Right: A person when hungry is not able to manage the calorific requirements of the body, especially that of his brain and therefore, when you eat right your brain functions at its best capacity. And this ensures that you do not feel stressed even after a hectic day to day regimen. However, eating right does not imply that you start eating high calorie diet; rather, it should be eating as suggested by your dietician.


Sleep Well: When you sleep, it is not only the body, but also your mind that gets much required rest. It is the time, when brain is on low energy mode and keeps vital functions on easy mode allowing the body to feel distress after a day’s work. However, missing out on, must to have sleep, you are forcing body to get stressed out and if done continuously the body starts functioning abnormally. Some of the other factors that help you reduce stress and lower hair loss are as follows.

Breathing Exercise



Positive Thinking

Optimistic Approach

Healthy lifestyle


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