Do You Love And Care For Your Voice- Tips To Help You.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Apr 16, 2010  
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I am sure all of us love our voice and would not like to lose it at all. Yes, let us all vow on the occasion of International Voice Day 2010, to take care of our voice, which we all love. Yes, let us all take a vow to protect and care for that voice that has the emotional power to convey a lot of emotions and feelings. Here go some of the valuable tips to a good and great voice, whose absence indicates overuse or misuse, cancer, infection, or injury.

The valuable tip is to hydrate you with a lot of water before and during talking too. Moisture is good for your voice and long periods of talking may dry up your vocal cords and lead to damage and fatigue too. Singers and speakers may take a bit of warm water that is good and soothing to the throat. It is best to avoid foods that are too hot or too cold and the same follows for beverages. Avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, smoking and caffeine can help prevent throat cancer and dehydration due to the diuretic effect. Make sure to drink a lot of water if you take any of those medications that dry up your throat.

Next embrace the valuable tip to not yell or scream, but use a good-moderated voice while speaking. Yelling causes permanent damage to the vocal cords. It is best to use a microphone while speaking to a large audience. This allows you to keep the pitch of your voice low. In addition, take care to warm up your voice before speaking; simple tricks like lips and tongue trills and gliding up and down your range of different vowels. Take small sips of water instead of making efforts to clear your throat as it could cause damage to your throat.

The third tip to be taken to care for the voice you love is to breathe well while you sing and speak. Yes, your voice is a wind instrument, so you need to breathe well to power your talk. Yes do deep breathing exercises by pushing out your stomach while inhaling and pulling in your stomach while exhaling, taking care the air comes and goes back from the diaphragm of your stomach. Learn to relax and relieve the tension from the upper part of your body, which could easily lead to damage of the vocal cord requiring even surgical repair. Yes, vocal warm-up exercises reduce tension in your shoulders, neck, and throat allowing you to breathe naturally.

Yes follow my tip and give tender loving care to the voice you love by gargling, if you have a sore throat on the day of a speech. A teaspoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of baking soda dissolved in a cup of warm water is great to wash away phlegm, allergens, and other irritants. Then coat and soothe your throat with a cup of herbal tea or decaffeinated tea, with plenty of honey. In addition a good night’s sleep could give your voice the real cared for and loved experience. And, use large gestures like opening your mouth wide and relaxing your shoulders to reduce upper body tension and also add power to your voice.  

The next and one of the best tips is to learn to be a good listener. Listening helps give that rest to your voice when it is hoarse and sick. This could lead to various serious vocal problems. Also it is best to listen to be a good communicator also. During a speech or debate session it helps you not repeat points and use your voice unnecessarily.

To conclude, do care for your voice, which you love because pampering it could be to your great advantage. Yes, if you do experience any voice problems do go to a voice specialist immediately to cure and treat the problem at the very start.

Happy And Caring Voice Day To All.


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