Disappearing Urban Trees

Posted by aruna75 on Mon, Nov 2, 2009  
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Urban trees are under threat as never before. Once upon a time there were trees everywhere. But where are the trees disappearing these days. More houses and flats are displacing trees. Intense urbanization has had a hug impact on the environment. Trees have also borne the brunt of urbanization. I remember once trees were cut for nearly 130 kilometers stretch for the sake of road expansion. Today, we just look at the beautiful roads and enjoy the smooth ride. But, before laying or expanding these roads hundreds of trees would have been cut.  How many people really care for these trees or the environment in general?


People living in apartments cannot think of growing flowering plants or a garden. So, where is the question of trees. In the locality that I live in, I can just count the number of trees and can never count the number of houses. Oops hundreds of houses. I sometimes feel, things have gone worse to the point of no return.


Trees in cities have a lot of benefits. They reduce the temperature or heat. So streets and building would be cooler in summer. Trees can absorb and deflect sound, thereby reducing traffic noise and improves air quality. Trees play an important part in reducing the effects of flash floods. Trees also give a peaceful atmosphere. So, trees many advantages.


When trees are cut extensively, reverse things happen. Air quality reduces, pollution, increase in temperature, flooding and so on. So, let us strive to the maximum to avoid cutting trees and make our surrounding a much better place to live.





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