Dieting Is it really needed?

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Wed, Feb 27, 2013  
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Weight loss regimen is a common need among all population throughout the world. People are accustomed to follow various patterns to loose weight. Some do a lot of exercises, while some practice starving; some eat low calorie foods, while some do crash dieting. There are also a few who pray that they loose weight without any measures being taken.


But are all these always effective? The answer is a big no. This is because every body type responds differently to the amount of effort we spend on weight loss. Sometimes weight gain is present in the genes and that is why many weight loss programs failing to bring out the desired results on these people.


Yet with all the above fact people can still reduce weight without dieting by following these simple tips:

* First important rule is never to skip breakfast

* Chew your food slowly and properly

* Avoid distractions while eating food (watching TV or talking)

* Appreciate the food that you eat

* Avoid late dinners (do not eat after 8pm)

* Drink water 15mins before and after meals

* Include more fruits to your diet

* Avoid over cooked foods

* Eat small and frequent meals

* Include more salads and sprouts to prevent junk cravings and add satiety


These tips when followed on the long run helps to digest the food more easily and prevent weight gain. This also helps to prevent the accumulation of belly fat in the body. So allow the body to get accustomed to the new regimen of eating food and loose weight at the same time than keeping them starving in the name of diet.


Follow these rules and avoid dieting.


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