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Love ice-creams… but your teeth just won’t let you have it. Prefer hot beverages, but oh no your teeth just can’t take it. So let’s check out what’s the real deal with your teeth? Does drinking an ice cold beverage or a hot drink causes dental discomfort? Or do you find yourself wincing over brushing or flossing? Well then you may have what’s commonly known as dental sensitivity.

Understanding tooth sensitivity. It is something that affects a lot of people. It is triggered by having something hot, cold, sweet sour, or acidic. A normal tooth has an outer protective Layer called enamel and an underlying sensitive layer called dentin. Overtime the enamel covering can get thinner, due to various reasons, thus providing less protection to the dentin and resulting in sensitivity.

What causes sensitivity?

1) Wear of enamel with age and exposure of dentin.

2) Acidic/aerated beverages that causes enamel erosion.

3) Tooth grinding which causes fastened wear of teeth.

4) Brushing with hard bristled tooth brush, abrasive toothpaste or with an inappropriate technique.

5) Gum recession due to various gum diseases which exposes extra tooth surface. What can you do about it?

  • Visit a dental professional as soon as possible to find out the exact cause of sensitivity in your case and get a solution.
  • Use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush and improve your brushing habits.
  • Avoid acidic food and drinks.

In case of teeth grinding habit wear a mouth guard as and when told by dentist. “Take good care and be sensitivity free.” Dr. Krinita Motwani Khar west, Mumbai.


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