De-repress the Depressed

Posted by Gargi Deshmukh on Mon, May 22, 2017  
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De-repression is becoming the new trend of coming out of depression. Repression in the body is inhibition of gene activity while de-repressing is something which removes the repression. Similarly, de-repressing the genes can make oneself come out of depression.

Getting up in the morning and performing the daily tasks has become a routine of our life. This has resulted in less time being spent with ourselves. With the advent of technology, our social life has been restricted to a very great extent. Rather social has started being replaced by digital; talking to each other using various internet sources. Such a digital life is making an impact on human health. Mental illness is the new illness being observed in the society today.

Depression, loss of appetite, mood swings are all the outcome of digital life. Work pressure, peer pressures are also some of the factors contributing to mental illness especially depression. According to WHO, more than 300 million people are affected by some or the other kind of depression. Adolescents are the top victims of depression.

The time has come however to re-live the lives and come out of this mental illness. This involves switching our daily eating habits towards more healthy eating habits. Food is the new Mood controller of our lives. Food rich in various essential nutrients when consumed gives us a relaxed mind.

Over-stress often tends to release high amount of chemicals in our brain giving us depression. So diet rich in amino acids as well as vitamins should be taken to lower down their levels. Our brain needs omega fatty acids for its proper functioning which can be obtained from dry fruits viz. walnuts, being the rich source of omega-3- fatty acids. For people having non- vegetarian food in their diet, fish is a good source of this fatty acid.

 Leafy vegetables like spinach are the vitamin supplier and having it in our diet will surely make us – Popeye the sailor man in fighting depression.

Diet rich in Vitamin –E which acts as an antioxidant should also be consumed. Antioxidants are the ones which remove the free radicals out of our healthy cells and repair the damage done by these free radicals. Antioxidants make our skin look new and young. Such antioxidants are now added as supplements in various foods so that its consumption would decrease the stress levels in our body. Fruits or juices must be taken on a daily basis in order to feel energetic and enthusiastic in doing our work , leaving behind stress and depression.

Instead of using anti-depressants on a daily basis to fight day-to-day depression, isn’t it easy to just grab some green foods and  come out of depression. In this world of concrete jungles, it is easy to keep ourselves away from mental illness and depression by having a good food and enjoying in all the little things which we do.  Thus, Good Food gets Good Mood and it is this good mood that keeps us gets going through the toughs.


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