COVID19 In Day Today Life!

Posted by kavi bala on Thu, Jul 2, 2020  
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Hello everyone! this is Dr.kavibala ,I would like to share my opinion on #covid19 & how it affects the day to day life of people in every aspects.As far as now,government is taking maximum efforts in helping public to fightback against corona. As general public,we are also in concern to fight against this prevailing situation. REMEMBER! if one of us at risk, we are all at risk.

Especially people with comorbidities are suffering from conditions like DM, HTN, BRONCHIAL ASTHMA and other immunocompromised, these population are at increased risk and health care to them are deferred in this prevailing condition, this is time where we should give extra care to them, but unfortunately we are in condition where there stands difficulty in reaching them. In my point of opinion online consulting platforms now plays a vital role in providing adequate care to these population, we general population should educate them about the availability of these affordable services and the other important pros of the online consultation is that we need not come in direct contact with covid carriers in general hospitals.

I would like to add some points about mental health during this quarantine period, we should take extra care and time for looking around people with us, try to spend more valuable time among family members, engage yourself with some household chores, gardening, reading books, this is the ideal time to learn more skills of our unknown fields, try doing meditation and yoga. Importantly self care is very much important in upcoming days,as this marathon race is gonaa be longer. Its important to take a moment each day to stop distracting ourselves and focus attention on our mental health." call your people and check on them" and use these questions to make sure they are doing okay,tell them you are #justcheckingin and run these questions together, then make a plan to check on someone new tomorrow. 


  1. Keep your hands clean
  2. Dont touch your face
  3. Keep a physical distance of atleast 1M
  4. Keep in touch with your loved ones
  5. If you have any symptoms call your health care provider

Despite all of the challenges, hardships and disappointments that we have been facing in our world lately, lets still make a conscious effort to make the remaining half of 2020 as best!! Thank you!


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