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Where does color originate from? Well, it is from 'light'. Actually sunlight is colorless. Rainbow is a testimony, since all colors are present in the white light.


"Color is the visual effect that is caused by the spectral composition of the light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by objects."


Let us see some facts about colors.


1. Green may evoke smell of a grass, lemon yellow evokes sour taste.

2. Seeing yellow-green evokes taste sensations of sourness. Pink evokes sweetness.

3. Why are school buses yellow? Yellow gets our attention fast and people notice yellow objects first. Scientists say "lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.24 times greater than for red." Yellow is more visible to the human eye than red. Yellow could be used to paint classrooms since it stimulates brain cells.

4. Pink is the color for baby boys and blue for girls in Belgium. In Bermuda, Pink is a masculine color.

5. When nails have color other than peachy pink, it signifies diet deficiency, allergies, diabetes or other diseases. Bluish colored nails indicate lack of oxygen. Greenish nails may indicate infection in the body or nail bed.

6. 7 - 8 percent of human males are relatively or completely deficient in color vision.

7. Research has found correlation between colors and music.

8. Bright orange conveys power and strength.

9. Women have favorite colors unlike men. Women prefer soft colors and men prefer bright ones. Women favor blue green.

10. Yellow has a higher affective value for men and they prefer blue to red.






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