Choosing the Best Prenatal Care Provider

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Pregnancy is one of the most happily received news by many couples. Unfortunately, that is not as far as it goes and becoming pregnant is not a guarantee that you will have a safe delivery. In this regard, finding the best prenatal care programs should be the first thing you do upon discovering that you are pregnant. The very first step in receiving prenatal care is choosing your prenatal care provider. A prenatal care provider is the medical professional responsible for caring for you during the entire period of pregnancy. There are many medical professionals running different prenatal care programs. In this regard, choosing the best can be quite confusing, especially for new mothers. To narrow down your choices, seek answers to the following questions:


 1. Does the prenatal care provider have an excellent reputation? : The reputation of the medical professional you choose to care for you and your pregnancy is very important as it will determine how safe you and your baby will be during the nine months. Ask around from friends, family members and colleagues you trust about their preferred medical practitioner. The internet is also rich with reviews and testimonials of well known hospital and medical practitioners. Ensure to take your time to know what you are putting yourself into.


 2. Does your prenatal caregiver listen to you and explain things clearly? This is also an important factor to consider when choosing a prenatal care provider. If he does not listen to you and does not invest his time to explain every little detail in a clear and thorough manner, it is time you got him off that list.


3. What gender are you comfortable with? After talking to two or three medical practitioners from different genders, you will be able to know which gender you are comfortable working with. Note that you will be seeing this person for the entire period of nine months. Most likely, you will be attending the prenatal program with your partner, find out if he is comfortable with your chosen medical practitioner.  


 4. Do you think the office staff is respectful and pleasant? Some office staff is usually nasty and disrespectful; you do not want to deal with such people for a whole nine months. Before committing to a particular hospital, ensure that you can work well with the office staff.


 5. Is the location of the hospital convenient? You will be visiting the hospital for an extended period of time and regularly. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the location is convenient for you and that the hours allocated to you fit your schedule.


 6. Will you always be attended by the same doctor?  It is more appropriate for you to be seen by the same doctor during all your appointments than if you were seen by someone new each time. If the doctors keep changing, it may become uncomfortable for you and errors are more likely to occur. Sometimes, your usual provider may not be available occasionally. Ask to meet a person who will be covering for him or her so that you can get acquainted from the very beginning.


 7. Is it covered under insurance policy? Finally, find out if your insurance covers your chosen health care provider before making a final decision.



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