Children And Vitamins

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Children should be emphasized to eat variety of healthy foods. Many times children do not eat the way we want them to. They might want junk foods and food that contains unhealthy fat and calories. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish is essential for a child. Parents must be careful in purchasing hygienic food items. They should not give junk foods just because the child wants it. A healthy diet keeps the brain and body metabolism active, which enables kids to be smart in classroom. Vitamins are essential for healthy vision, strong bones, to fight infection and diseases etc.


Vitamin D helps in bone and teeth development. Lack of vitamin D would cause rickets in young children. Vitamin D is found in milk, cheese, egg, liver and salmon.


Vitamin A helps in vision. It is found in carrot. Some kids eat carrots raw. Fortified milk and liver has vitamin A. Orange fruits, potatoes have vitamin A. Dark green leafy vegetables also have vitamin A.


Vitamin C is good for healthy immune system. It keeps gums and muscles in proper shape. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberry etc. 


B Vitamins give protein and energy to the body. Leafy green vegetables are full of B Vitamins. Children are often engaged in physical and outdoor activities. So they need a lot of energy to keep them strong. Vitamin B is found in wheat, oats, eggs, fish, meat, chicken, dairy products, beans and leaf vegetables.


Kids are often picky eaters. To ensure that enough nutrients are given to them, parents must introduce children to healthy food which is rich in vitamins. Children like new things. So, variety of food should be prepared. Menu should be different everyday, which make kids to have interest in eating. A healthy child becomes a healthy adult.


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