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The parents become very anxious when they get their infants  sick. The infants  can not speak or describe their illness. They only weep . The parents go child specialists time to time when troubles come. But these infants or children get easy treatment and cured with help of  homoeopathy  by their parents , because homoeopathy can understand clearly the troubles and weeping of children and infants.

Now we should understand the homoeopathic treatment for children/ infants.

1* Frequently children get earache -medicine is DULCAMARA 200 , 1 or 2 doses. six hoursly.

2* In initial stage of fever the medicine is ACONIT NAP 200 1 or 2 doses.

3* If fever is not downed even after 4 or 6 hours then prescribe OCIMUM SACTUM 30 4 doses, 4 hoursly.

4*Fever with discharge of water from eyes and nose and face seems swelling prescribe DULCAMARA 200 one dose.
5* Fever with nausea or vomiting  prescribe IPECAC 30, 4 doses -4 hoursly.

6*Fever with moaning as of pain , rubbing or pressure in limbs feel better prescribe RHUS TOX 30 ,4 doses , 4hourly, if not reliefed then prescribe RHUS TOX 200 one dose.

7* Children are usually suffered from mumps with fever and pain. For quick relief prescribe KALI MUR 30X, 1 TAB. 3-4 hourly withbMAG PHOS30X.

8*For children worms prescribe VERNONIA 6, 3-4 doses , ONCE DAILY.

9* with start of evening rectum ithes with worms - medicine TEUCRIUM .M.V. 200 1/2 DOSES.once a week.

10* Abdomen painful with worms symptoms - CINA 200 , 2 doses, one day after.

11* Frequent stools , children makes painful face before stools , after stools they fell relief. - medicine is NUX. VOM. 200 2 DOSES.

12* Frequent stools with distension of abdomen with flatulence, medicine  CARBO VEG 30  2 OR 3 doses.

 13* The loose stools if psses involuntery , even during sleep or during urination, passing flatus- medicine is ALOE SOC. 200 , one dose.

14* Summer boils - ARNICA MONT 200 , 2 doses.

15* The type of weeping of a child by which parents feel irritation prescribe medicine chamomilla 200 - 2 doses, 6 hourly and  if parents feel kindness towards children , prescribe PULSATILLA 200- 2 doses 4- 6 hourly.



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