Chewing Gum Not a Sin Anymore

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Wed, Nov 7, 2012  
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Chewing gum is the most commonly used snack or sweet all around the world. Chewing gum can be both sugar as well as sugar free. It is the most easily accessible cheap variety of snack available to all classes of people in and around the world.


Few years back, like while I was doing my schooling, we had the habits of chewing gum every now and then. When caught by the teacher we were all punished for munching this wonder snack. Parents and teachers thought, it was a bad habit to chew gum. They never analyzed what could be the benefits of chewing gum. Even today schools, colleges and offices never permit the use of gums during the working hours.


It is really important to impart the knowledge to these people, that chewing gum gives varied health benefits to the individual and on the long run can yield better performances in studies and career.


Various researches have been done so far to analyze the effect of having a gum in the mouth while in class or at work. Many researches have come out with the positive results on the benefits of having a chewing gum. It has proven to be effective to enhance the cognitive ability of the individual, wave off sleepiness, keep up the alertness, reduce stress and anxiety, make the face more charming, provide better oral health. It also acts as a mouth freshener.


It helps in improving the memory as chewing gum helps to activate the hippocampus, which is the area of memory in the brain. Even it has been effective in the weight reduction programs as chewing gum helps to reduce the craving for snacks that generally put on a lot of weight. It also helps in improving the motility of the digestive system, as it helps to produce more saliva that enhances more swallowing, thus aids in digestion.


So, parents and teachers need to know the positive effects of having chewing gum so that they do not penalize children for eating this wonder snack. All that needs to be considered it that; this remains a habit and not an addiction. Care also needs to be taken that small kids do not swallow the gum by accident or incident, as it has the hazard of getting stuck in the windpipe leading to emergency evaluation.


So lets all get to the habit of chewing a gum a day at least to get the best possible effects of being active and alert and free of stress and tension. So here I go with my gum for the day. Yummy, it’s tasty.


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