Changing the Thought Process

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jun 6, 2013  
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 I have seen that I pay undue attention to the negative details of my life. I magnify all the negative aspects of a given situation while filtering out its positive aspects.  I also keep thinking about the bad things that have happened to my life instead of the good things.


It is high time we should realize that we should not look at things as good or bad or black or white. There is something like the middle ground too. We also tend to pass our judgments too soon and sometimes we are judgmental about ourselves as well. 


Sometimes I get superstitious and feel if something bad has happened on such and such day again the same thing might happen to me. I play safe and I am afraid having with m of taking any risk in life. 


I expect that something bad is going to happen to me and start thinking that people are talking behind my back or may be something is going to happen to me. I assume that why a certain group of people are behaving with me in such and such way.


I have a tendency to relate everything around me to myself and I always feel that I am controlled by external factors and I become a helpless victim of fate. I remain stuck and feel unable to change my life. Sometimes I feel life is not fair. I tend to get locked into my own point of view and I feel cheated and wonder how beautiful life would have been had people around me been fair to me. Sometimes I blame the people around me responsible for my choices.


All we need to do when we are aware of our thought process is to accept it because we cannot take the necessary steps to change ourselves. All we need to do is accept ourselves the way we are. Then just promise yourself that you are going to think, act and talk positive. And now that reminds me of what my seven-year-old son said a few days back, “Mama whenever you are feeling low or unhappy always think about the good times you had and the fun filled vacations and family get-together that we have together.” 


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