Breast Augmentation

Posted by Souvik Adhikari on Thu, Nov 29, 2012  
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Breast Augmentation


Breasts are a hallmark of femininity and a decreased breast size contributes to lack of confidence in many women. The size of the breasts might be small as a genetic trait and there can also be a decrease in size after pregnancy or weight reduction. So, what can modern plastic and cosmetic surgery do for these people to build up their confidence?


The answer is a type of surgery known as augmentation mammoplasty which increases the size of the breasts. The breast size is increased in most cases with the help of an implant (made usually of silicone) or with the help of fat taken from the patient’s body. Increase in breast size with fat transfer is done in only a few centers therefore the rest of the discussion would be limited on breast implants.


Basically, in breast augmentation, you would be having a consultation with your surgeon in which the various implant options would be discussed along with the volume of the implant that would suit you best. The markings would then be done and you would be put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your choice of incision which again would be discussed with you preoperatively, the incision would be made and dissection done. The site for the implant whether under the breast or under the muscle that lies under the breast would again be discussed with you before the surgery along with their advantages and disadvantages and the same would be accomplished during the surgery. The incision lines would then be closed.


The recovery period is a few days following the procedure. Risks include those associated with the general anesthetic which would be explained to you in details as also the prospect of unfavorable scarring, poor healing, changes in breast or nipple sensation, capsular contracture characterized by the development of a firm scar tissue around an implant, rupture of implant and many others. It must be noted however that most women do not develop any complications following the surgery and are quite satisfied with the results.


At Cosmetic Surgery clinic your needs would be personally addressed by the plastic surgeon  thorough adiscussion which would highlight any deformities you might be having, the implant size that would be required and the choice of incision and the site for placement of implant. If you would like to go in for breast augmentation using fat transfer you would be informed that the procedure might need to be repeated because much of the transferred fat might be absorbed. Your doctor might also require you to get a preoperative mammogram before the procedure which is a form of X-ray of your breasts. Finally, the potential risks of the surgery would be highlighted to you.


Breast augmentation can be an expensive surgery because of the cost of the implants so you should discuss the options of financing your surgery with your surgeon. However, in the end, I would like to impress upon you that the results of surgery are usually extraordinary and you would leave the hospital a transformed person!



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