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Iím a qualified nutritionist committed to helping people eat well and lead healthy lifestyles. I have done Bachelor of food and nutrition from Aligarh Muslim University, followed by Masters in Home science and post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics. I have total 6 years of experience, and have worked with prominant brands (both hospitals and slimming clinics) as senior nutritionist and head of the department. Nutrition is more of a passion for me rather than a profession. I love to improve lifestyles of people and encourage them to lead a healthy life. Iím a great motivator and can adapt my approach to different personalities. I have a strong ability to communicate nutritional advice to people from different backgrounds. Seeing people transform themselves through healthy eating and lifestyle changes gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Apart from this I have always lead a team and handled departmental activities with great responsibility.
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Losing Weight the Wrong Way!

Lose upto 8 kgs without diet and exercise!!! Lose 2 kgs in a week just by drinking herbal tea!!! Herbal supplement with no side effects to lose weight!!!  Do all these sound promising? Weight ma...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sonia Jafin on Mon, Dec 4, 2017   (3086)

Healthy Foods With a Bad Reputation

Join a dietitian and she will handover a long list of foods to be avoided. Certain foods have been labeled “bad for health” due to incorrect or outdated information. To dispel these rumor...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sonia Jafin on Mon, Dec 4, 2017   (3318)

Say No To Crash Diets.... Only Eat Sensibly!

Recently Pooja joined a slimming centre to reduce her post pregnancy weight. She gained around 15 kgs during her pregnancy and was finding it hard to lose. The entire saga started with lots of enthus...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sonia Jafin on Fri, Apr 28, 2017   (3755)

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