Bird flu and Homoeopathic Medicine

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Homoeopathy can contribute much to prevent the disease Bird Flu both in birds and human being.Let us discuss few questions on bird flu.


1.What is bird flu?

Ans.Bird flu is an infectious disease usually found in birds.It is also known as Avian influenza.


2.Who is the carrier of this disease?

Ans.Wilds birds are usually the carriers of this disease.


3.Which birds are affected with the disease?

Ans.Any birds may be affected by this disease.


4.How does it spread?

Ans.The saliva, nasal discharges and excreta of the affected birds are highly infectious.

when the healthy birds come in contact with the diseased birds or its discharges,they

also get infected.


5.How can we know that a bird is suffering from Bird flu?

Ans.The following symptoms will be found in affected an affected bird:

a)Watery discharge from nose and eyes.

b)Black discoloration of the reddish feathering part over the head.

c)Swollen neck and throat.


e)Loss of appetite/aversion to food.

f)The birds circle around  probably due to dizziness.


6.Can it affect human beings?

Ans.Human beings get affected with the virus,if they handle these affected birds or eats

half boiled chicken or egg.A person who is already suffering from coryza and fever,influenza virus and the bird flu virus together may form a third variety virus,which is more fatal to human beings.


7.What are  the signs and symptoms of a person suffering from bird flu?

Ans.1.Sneezing & coryza



        4.Difficult respiration

        5.Pain in joints & extremities

        6.Eye infection



        9.Difficult respiration may lead to death


Do’s & Dont’s –

1.Do not touch your bird if suspected ill or if found drowsy.

2.Do not purchase ill or dead bird.

3.After touching a bird wash your hand with soap.

4.Wear apron,mask,glass,gum-boot,gloves and cover your body before entering the poultry farm.

5.Wash your dress in warm water after finishing the poultry work.

6.Inform the Government health department if there is any incidence of death of any bird.

7.Dead birds should be dumped at least 3 feet under the ground along with lime and formaldehyde.

8.Use bleaching powder or any other disinfecting agent on the affected area.

9.Keep your poultry clean.Clear excreta or feather.

10. Stay away from the poultry farm and do not sleep near the poultry farm.

11.Do not allow children to play or stay near the poultry farm.

12.Wash your hand properly with soap after handling any healthy or ill bird.

13.Keep your shoes outside before entering the house.

14.Consult your doctor in case of slightest fever.

15.Excreta of  birds should not be used as fertilizer.

16.Chicken and eggs should be boiled and cooked properly.



Frequently indicated medicines for bird flu are ---

(a)    Dulcamara —If there is lachrymation and watery discharge from nose.

(b)   Gelsemium --If drowsiness is found with watery discharge from nose and eyes.

(c)    Arsenic Album—Restlessness with profound weakness.

(d)   China—Aversion to food with weakness.

(e)    Influenzinum and Aviare—may be used as preventive or as inter-current remedy.


Frequently indicated remedy for bird flu in human being—

Aconite,Belladonna,Bryonia,Pulsatilla,NuxVomica,Arsenic Album,Dulcamara,Phosphorus,Rhustox,Etc.


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