Benefits of Laparoscopic Liver Resection

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In the past liver resection hospitals have evoked fear for many a patient because of its high mortality rate. However, as in other areas of medical science, technological advancements have made crtical operations safer than ever before. Laparoscopic liver resection is a prime example.

Liver resection surgery involves the removal of a part or parts of liver. When performed under the laparoscopic method, a liver specialist surgeon removes benign or malignant tumors through small incisions on the body.

Because of its very nature, laparoscopic surgery has many benefits for the patient. Some of these are:

Less trauma: It involves very small incisions as opposed to a long cut. The surgeon will make upto four small incisions to complete the procedure. This means there are fewer traumas to the body.

Better aesthetics: There are usually not more than three or four adhesive bandages to cover the wounds. No longer does one have to carry a long scar as a remnant of the operation. A few small incisions, barely noticeable, are all the physical evidence one bears.

Fewer complications: Since the whole operation is carried out through a few small incisions, there are lesser chances of wound complications.

Shorter hospital stay: A laparoscopic surgery involves less trauma and complications. This is why the recovery time is also significantly lesser than in an open operation. Most patients leave within a couple of days of the operation. On the other hand, patients who go through open surgery need at least 7-10 days of hospital stay that includes ICU/HDU care. The later recovery is also faster in case of laparoscopic surgery.

However, one should keep in mind that laparoscopic operations, like any surgical procedure, carry their own risks. These include anesthetic risks, pulmonary complications, bleeding, liver failure and bile leak. Post-operative care and continued health check-ups are extremely important in diagnosing and treating these complications.

To minimize the chances of any risks it is important that the hospital be chosen with care. The operation must be conducted at a well-equipped medical centre with ICU/sub-specialty support, under specialized and experienced doctors.


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