Ayurvedic Remedies for Dysmenorrhoea (Menstraul Cramp)

Posted by Farzana Roshan on Tue, Oct 27, 2020  
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Dysmenorrhoea is painful menstruation. Affected women may experience severe cramps in their pelvic region and abdomen.

Causes of dysmenorrhoea:

• family history

• she leads a stressful life

• she does not do enough exercise

• she may have pelvic inflammatory disease

Home remedies:

1. Walnuts , almonds & pumpkin seeds are rich in manganese which eases cramps

2. Boil cumin seed in water and drink it everyday. Cumin has anti inflammatory & anti spasmodic property

3. Flax seed may help relieve cramps as it contains omega 3 fatty acids that will slow the release of prostaglandins 

4. Gentle massage over the abdomen with castor oil or sesame oil relieves the cramp

5. Hot pack is kept over abdomen to ease the menstrual pain

6. Ginger honey tea helps relieving cramps

7. Adding fennel seed & cinnamon to your food will bring about a great relief

8. Consuming more water & green tea will be helpful

9. Apple cedar vinegar reduces symptoms like bloating, water retention , cramping, headache, irritability & fatigue

Exercise & yoga

Researches say that regular practice of yoga, prandayama and a moderate exercise will reduce the risk of dysmenorrhoea. They also reduce the stress. Asanas like ushtrasana, badrasana, gomudrasana & vajrasana helpful in mentraul cramps. 


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