Autism and its treatment options

Posted by Jacques Duff on Thu, Jul 3, 2014  
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Autism is a neurological problem in which the patient finds it difficult to make connections with others through communications and interactions. This problem is marked by the inability of different parts of the brain to work together. Mostly, this problem is represented by the problem relating to others. However, early diagnosis of the problem and starting working on the condition can help more people with autism in living a better life. Autism is thought to move from one family member to his or her offspring and scientists are working hard to find genes, which are actually responsible for shifting the disease from one generation to the next. On the other hand, scientists are also working on the environmental conditions that could cause or aggravate the conditions of autism. Initially, autism was found to be related to vaccines but a number of researches finally denied this thought. Vaccines are useful as they can prevent the problem of some of the most serious diseases in children.

Autism diagnosis can be done through signs and symptoms in children that usually appear in them in 2-3 years of age. At that time, parents or guardians can find that children are not talking or acting like other normal children of their age. However, it is not the ultimate sign as children with autism related disorders may talk and act like other children. There are some other problems in children with autism such as loss of language related skills and behavioral problems. It can affect speech and social communication.

Speech therapy can be one of the most important parts of therapeutic strategies for children with autism. In this therapeutic strategy, speech-language experts and pathologists work on speech and language problems of the children. Speech therapists can help patients in early life. They work on these patients and diagnose the best ways of improving communication and interaction capabilities of patients to increase their quality of life. They work on patients while working in coordination with family members and teachers. If therapists find that the autistic patient is unable to speak or has some major problems with speech, he or she may give some alternatives to speech to the patient. Some techniques in speech therapy may include use of typing, use of electronic talkers, use of picture boards and use of sounds to which the patient is sensitive. Improving articulation of speech through exercise or massage is also one of the techniques in speech therapy.

Biomedical treatment of autism can also be an important therapeutic strategy. It takes a functional approach to therapy and works on the biochemistry of the patient. In this treatment, thorough assessment is made on the medical and family history of the patient, laboratory tests are collected and bodily systems are reviewed. Biomedical treatment has many important benefits such as improvement in language development, so that the patient would be able to learn new words, understand complexities of language and can use it appropriately. There would also be an increased social awareness and communication. Patient would be able to make an eye contact and give appropriate responses. 


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