Are the tormenting under-eye bags troubling you? Opt for PRP treatment

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If you are depressed because of unsightly under-eye bags, PRP treatment can be your ultimate solution.

Eyes are the central communicative focus of our face. It reflects emotions, health and splendor. However, the delicate beauty of our eyes can be blemished because of many ailments and imperfections. One of the most common complaints that people mourn about is that they hate their under-eye bags. It makes them look more worn-out and mature than they actually are.

What causes under-eye bags?

Eye bags and dark circles are a common manifestation and many folks above the age of 20 are sure to experience these at some point of time. More frequently, a lack of quality sleep is the main cause while a diet that has salt in hefty quantities also adds to the difficulty. This expands the skin underneath the eyes, which results in the creation of eye bags and dark circles. Another cause is ageing, with the ligaments and muscles that hold facial fat in its place dwindling as you get mature. This consecutively leads to drooping, thus making the fat look more distinct beneath the eyes.

Earlier, people used to grumble about their nasty-looking under eye bags and eventually gave up in the battle to fight against them. However, now, with the impressive advancements in medical arena, it is very much possible to treat under eye bags and that too in a safe and commendable way with PRP treatment.

What is PRP treatment?

Also recognized as ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ therapy, PRP therapy initiates by drawing blood from the patient’s body, approximating to a blood test. This blood is then put into a device that spins it to separate the blood cells, platelets and serum from one another before it is vaccinated back into the body part to be treated. The platelets support the body to repair itself via the discharge of growth factors which arouse the skin cells to engender new tissue. This mends the overall skin quality and also elicits the manufacture of fresh collagen in the skin. Skin under the eyes will grow back healthy and glowing and you will feel revitalized as the collagen aids skin to uphold its rigidity and pliability. Your doctor may recommend 2-3 treatments spread out 2 weeks apart, but this may differ from person to person.

Result and recovery

You will be able to see enhancements within 3 weeks of treatment and your skin will be much firmer and glossier. Additional improvements can be estimated in the months to come and the outcomes should last for about 18 months. You may experience marginal swelling and bruising for up to a week post treatment, but this is negligible and will wane. There is scanty risk of any side effects as your own plasma is used in this miraculous treatment, making it a safer and an effective option.


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