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In life every individual face anxiety while doing or performing new work or taking a new responsibility in hand. Occasional anxiety is common and expected. you may face a problem at work or when you give a test or when you take a important decision in life, being in anxiety is expected. anxiety does not go by itself sometimes it become worse. if anxiety is not treated on time, it will become a great threat to the life and some times it become phobia. 

It is very important to treat and face the anxiety on time before it takes your peace of mind. people with great anxiety looks they are in great tension or in worry. Anxiety could make small problem into  a  mountain like problem. In anxiety disorder, people could not sleep, could not rest, could not think well, could not eat well, get easily fatique and could not do anything peacefully.

To deal with this anxiety, one should know how to manage the worriness. Its all psychological, when anxiety steps at the door of your mind, what all you need to do is:

1 Take a deep breath. 

2 Start thinking positive on that particular subject. dont let negativity knocks the door.

3 Drink access of water.

4 Stretch yourself.

5 Dont allow your problem to affect your eating routine. Eating on time, will bring you a mental strength.

6 When you feel anxiety of something try to not think too much about the problem or that matter.

7 Everyday keep on building your will power. do the exercise especially meditation

8 Talk to someone very close whom you can share everything, it will reduce your wooriness and anxiety and you will get the idea to resolve the problem.


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