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Skin is the largest of all human organs. There are five different types of skin. They are normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin. Each skin has its unique features.


Skin care is an important part of healthy skin. Identifying the type of skin one has is important. A healthy diet is vital in order to have a healthy skin. Diets with fruits, vegetables, cereals make a good skin. Exercise and good sleep also helps to have a healthy skin. When exposed to sunlight very often the skin might get tanned very easily. Applying a good lotion is can avoid tanning. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water protects the skin from dehydration. Coffee or tea intake can be reduced. A good and well balanced diet would also fight aging successfully.


One of the problems the skin faces is freckles. These are tiny black spots spread all over the face. Avoid too much of exposure to sunlight and a sunscreen should be used whenever the person goes out in the sun.


Whiteheads are another problem to the skin. Accumulation of oil or sebum on the pores could cause this. Tiny, white hairs are raised. Gentle cleansing is important to stop this formation. A doctor's advice is necessary. Fresh fruits and plenty of water could help in cleansing the skin.


Blackheads also pose a problem to the skin. They are dead skin cells and sebum that block the hair follicle near the skin surface. Gentle face wash with lukewarm water and medicated soap will remove blackheads. Doctor's treatment is important to avoid infection.


Enlarged pores are caused by over activity of the sebaceous glands. It causes excessive oil secretion. The oil can be reduced by using a medicated cleanser. A skin tonic with a rose base would help reduce the oil secretion.


Dark circle under the eye is another common skin problem. Lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, deficient diet or any disease could cause this dark circle. Almond is a good skin food. Cucumber or crushed mint around the eye will remove the darkness. Reading under dim light should be avoided.


These are some of the skin problems that attack the face. A doctor's advice is essential to treat any kind of skin disease. Whether it is using medicated soap or facial massages or creams, it is important to seek a doctor's help.


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