5 Ways to Relax in Five Minutes

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Jan 3, 2014  
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Stress is an inevitable factor in your daily life. When you are chasing a tight deadline, and trying to figure out how to pay off those debts and taxes, it is quite natural to lose your temper and break a vase, or break your head instead. It is surprising that it takes almost equal amount of time to chill down and relax as getting angry over something. Here are some tips to keep your anger in control:


1. Sip something: of turning into a preassure cooker, turn your anger down by drinking some water Drinking water helps you to cool your mind and body, control the enraging blood preassure and calm  down quick.


2. Eat some honey: turn your bitterness into sweetness by slurping some honey. Eating honey provides you with natural compounds that reduce inflammation in the brain; it also helps in fighting with depression and anxiety.


3. Chew some gum: It is proven that eating gums are the easiest way to beat stress. Just a few minute of chewing a mint can actually reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.


4. Lay your head on a cushion: In case of anxiety, taking a small nap just works wonders. But it is impossible to sleep in the middle of something just because you are feeling stressed. Lay your head on a pillow or a cushion, and take deep breath. Try visualising that the cushion is sucking up all your worries, and you will see that you will feel relaxed.


5. Close your eyes: Close your eyes and think that everything is going to be alright. Take a quick break from your office, or your work, and close your eyes for sometimes, and imagine the dark surrounding you. Try imagining a free fall or you inside a stream of river. This the most quick way of relaxing almost anywhere.


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