5 factors that cause tooth pain after Root Canal Treatment

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When a tooth is deeply infected and the underlying nerves begin to deteriorate, Root Canal Treatment is imperative to halt the infection. As the treatment procedure deals with removing the nerves of a tooth, the patient will experience toothache for a few days following the treatment.

The pain ranges from a dull ache to intense pain. Such pain after Endodontic treatment is normal. If the pain is unbearable or if it persists for weeks, visit your Endodontist because it is not common.

In this post, you can get the common reasons behind such pain in the root canaled tooth.

How does a tooth pain even after removing its nerves?

I am sure that you have this question after reading the above section.

In general, a tooth after Root Canal Therapy does not have any nerves or living tissues. The endings of the nerves are still present in the ligaments which fix the tooth to the bone. The nerve cells present in the ligaments can feel the pain and triggers the root canaled tooth to sense the pain.

Pain after Root Canal Treatment

Let us discuss the factors that induce tooth pain after Root Canal Treatment.

1. Repairing Process

When the diseased nerves and root canals are removed, our body begins the process of healing by sending the white blood cells to the treated region. Similarly, oxygen and blood are supplied to the repaired area. It empowers the teeth to heal. The healing process causes mild pain until the treated region recovers completely.

2. Swelling or inflammation in the treated region

Inflammation around the root canaled tooth is possible. It occurs because of the counterattack of our immune system after extracting the infected nerves. Instruments like root canal files and drilling equipment utilized during the treatment also apply pressure on the tooth. It also causes swelling that induces pain in the tooth.

3. Infection in the bone

Sometimes, infection in the tooth nerves penetrate and begins to stick to the underlying tooth bone. The presence of oral bacteria in the bone persists even after removing the nerve cells and diseased tissues. It will cause pain and inflammation. Infection in the tooth bone can be eradicated by the immune system and antibiotics.

4. Root Canal failure

Repairing a tooth with endodontic treatments deliver the desired results. Complications or discomforts arise due to root canal failure occurs in rare cases. Common reasons for the breakdown in root canal treatments include:

  • Bacteria present inside the treated tooth
  • Cement leakage
  • Poor workmanship
  • Defective materials utilization
  • Cracks in the root

5. Issues in Fillings or crowns

Root Canal Therapy is completed by filling the treated tooth with "Gutta Percha" after removing the nerves. Then the tooth is sealed with a covering called "Teeth Crown".

If the filling material is defective or overburdens in the filling, it will cause pain when you bite or chew. Likewise, poor workmanship in fixing dental crowns also cause pain in the root canaled tooth.


Pain, inflammation and other discomforts around the root canaled tooth are common. Visit your Dentist if the pain is intense to avoid further complications and follow the RCT aftercare tips suggested by him/her.  


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