10 steps to successful surrogacy and parenting

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The journey of surrogacy for Intended Parents-Intended parents, surrogate mothers egg donors and egg donation-Steps to surrogacy process in India-10 Tips for intended parents to consider before surrogacy-10 steps to successful surrogacy and parenting-Gestational Surrogacy FAQ for Intended Parents-Questions about surrogate mothers egg donors and surrogacy for Intended Parents.

Intended Parents are the infertile couples who intend to have a child through the process of surrogacy. The individual or individuals who enter into a surrogacy agreement with surrogate mother with intent to become legal parent or legal parents of the child born to the surrogate are known as intended parents.

People of all sexualities [Gay, LGBT, Same Sex and straight]who want to have a child of their own but cannot conceive due to reasons out of their control become the intended parents in the process of surrogacy. Intended parents are either biological parents or need the help of egg donor, sperm donor and the surrogate mother. The parties to the agreement will be intended
parent or intended parents, surrogate and the surrogate’s husband if any.

10 steps to successful surrogacy and parenting

Questions about surrogate mothers egg donors and surrogacy for Intended Parents

The community of intended parents is very big and come from all walks of life and every corner of the world. They may be infertile couples, single mom or dad or gay and lesbian couples. They all have one thing in common – a burning desire to become a parent or parents. It is very important for the Intended couple to select the right surrogate based on the review of complete medical records, checking family history, and social/criminal background and education level. It is also necessary to get a perfect psychological evaluation of the surrogate before selecting for surrogacy or Egg donation. Surrogacy or Egg donation is the best solution for infertility and other relative problems.

Intended parents are people who use conventional methods to have the children. Some intended parents opt for adoption or traditional surrogacy, while others choose gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy has the advantage of offering intended parents the chance to have a child that is biologically related to one or both of them. All couples with infertility issues to single people to gay and lesbian couples can enjoy the parenthood with surrogacy. They all want to be parents and cannot do so without the help of a surrogate mother and/or egg and sperm donors.

Types of Intended Parents:
The parents that contract for a commercial surrogacy and bring the baby home, are actually referred to as intended parents in surrogate motherhood. There are three main types of intended parents: traditional couples, same-sex couples, and single intended parents.

Traditional Intended Parents: The term intended parents usually refers to a male/female couple who are the parents of the child conceived via commercial surrogacy. Most of the time, at least one of the parents is the biological parent of the child conceived, though quite commonly, both the intended mother and the intended father are the biological parents of the child.

Same sex couple: Intended Fathers called as gay couple has to sought help of a surrogate mother to help them have their own children. These men will either seek a traditional surrogate mother and use the sperm of one of the fathers, or will seek a gestational surrogate mother, and also an egg donor. Most likely, sperm of one father will be used, but in the case of a gestational surrogacy, it is not uncommon for intended fathers to use sperm from both partners.

Though uncommon, there are some circumstances where a set of homosexual intended mothers would seek a surrogate mother. The reason this is rare is that with two women, the chances of both experiencing fertility problems becomes rarer.

Single intended parents: Occasionally an unmarried man or woman will enter into commercial surrogacy. The reasons for an unmarried woman to seek a surrogate are usually the same as that of a male/female couple, but for the single male, he is most likely ready to start a family, and has not found the perfect partner.

It is very important for the Intended couple to select the right surrogate based on the review of complete medical records, checking family history, and social/criminal background and education level. It is also necessary to get a perfect psychological evaluation of the surrogate before selecting for surrogacy or Egg donation. Surrogacy or Egg donation is the best solution for infertility and other relative problems.

All Intended Parents must consider following 10 most important steps while entering into the Successful journey of surrogacy.

1] Intended Parenting: Determine beforehand whether surrogacy is right for you. Intended Parents opting for surrogacy must seriously consider all issues prior to making a decision to go ahead with a surrogacy arrangement.

2] Make all necessary inquiries for surrogacy agency, surrogate process, surrogate mothers, egg donors, egg donation, surrogacy cost and surrogacy law. Read the surrogacy contract agreement properly. Educate yourself thoroughly about surrogacy related questions.

3] Create a letter or profile about yourself.
To help you find an ideal match, it is best to create a letter or profile about you and your partner. Describe your personal data, why you need surrogacy, surrogacy plans, time frames and any requirements you may have for your potential surrogate mother.

4] Screening of surrogate mothers and Surrogate Selection Process.
This is the most important and challenging part of the whole surrogacy process. While choosing a surrogate one must consider the surrogates reproductive history, diet pattern, previous transfer, height, weight, Surrogate’s support of the spouse and the family. Besides this entire surrogate has to go through extensive medical screening for any infections or diseases should be undertaken. Physiological screening as well as a thorough background check is also done.

5] Screening and Egg donors Selection Process before egg donation.
Egg donor has to go through medical and physiological examination to evaluate their genetic history. Surrogates and egg donor are selected simultaneously. Egg donor profiles and photos are provided for selection.

6] Surrogacy Legal Agreements.
A legal agreement is the most essential step in the whole process of surrogacy. Intended parents should comply with the legal aspects of surrogacy. Complete research should be done regarding laws pertaining to the intended parents’ country and arrive at a customized legal agreement. Concerned parties should sign the surrogacy agreement.

7] Payments to surrogate mothers.
Never send any payments prior to signing a Surrogacy Agreement. Do not send money to your surrogate mother before signing a surrogacy agreement. All payments should be reimbursed after a receipt has been made. Some surrogate mothers use retainer fees before attempts at pregnancy, be sure the retainer agreement complies with law and has been checked by your lawyer.

8] Cost involved in surrogacy.
The surrogacy is very expensive. Intended parents must consider their financial position before deciding for surrogacy. It has been observed that surrogacy overseas is very cheaper rather than in western countries. Hence intended parents must keep this option also open.

9] Confirmation of pregnancy of surrogate mother.
When the IVF process is completed and it is confirmed that surrogate is pregnant, Intended parents are curious to know the state of pregnancy of the surrogate. They should remain in touch with surrogates health, progress in pregnancy and with the fertility clinic. The birth of a baby is a joyful movement for any parents. Here intended parents have the option to be present during the delivery of their baby.

10] Post Birth Formalities.
Once the baby is born through surrogacy, intended parents should starts legal formalities for taking the possession of baby. Educate yourself on the legal status of surrogacy in your province, state or country. Not being aware of current laws and taking shortcuts could result in jeopardizing your parental rights.  One of the best way to make sure you are properly
adhering to the laws and (often changing) regulations, is to hire a lawyer that specializes in third party reproduction or surrogacy consultant to help guide you through the surrogacy process.

At the end of the whole surrogacy process take a deep breath, remain patient and try to focus on the end result… your baby! Get ready to enjoy the parenthood.

Many people globally are now choosing India a destination for Surrogacy. Simple reasons like: Surrogacy Treatment is Economical In India, Best Of IVF Doctor Easy to find Surrogate Mother In India, Legal Aspect of Surrogacy as law are in favor of the Intended parents going for surrogacy treatment.

Hence Surrogacy or Egg donation is the best solution available to intended parents for infertility and other relative problems. Whether it is financial, legal, immigration, travel or medical issues that Intended Parents had to contend with; these issues are no longer going to keep anyone from their dream of beginning a family.



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