Gynecomastia or Male Breast

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Gynecomastia ( male breast ) is a common condition affecting many adolescent and adult males.

* It is an increase of gland tissue in the male breast causing breast enlargement in males,

* Gynecomastia results from an absolute or relative imbalance between estrogens, which stimulate development of breast tissue, and androgens, which antagonize this effect. Most of the men are otherwise normal.

* Among adolescent males, a prevalence ranging from 4 to 69 percent has been reported.

* Prevalence between 32 and 65 percent has been reported among adult males. So it is quite common and please don’t worry if you have “male breast”. I see lot of patients in Guntur.

* Other causes of gynecomastia include drugs , cirrhosis or malnutrition , primary hypogonadism , testicular tumors , secondary hypogonadism , hyperthyroidism , and renal disease. Most men who come to me in my clinic have none of these. But I can check out.

Surgical treatment is the only option to correct Gynecomastia ( Male Breast)

* The Cosmetic Surgery technique I use, involves the use of power-assisted liposuction to remove fatty breast tissue. The pull through technique is then performed utilizing several instruments to sever the subdermal attachments of fibro glandular breast tissue; this tissue is removed through the incision used for liposuction or through an incision called periareolar incision. Finally, power-assisted liposuction is performed again to contour the remaining breast tissue.

* Combining power-assisted liposuction and the pull-through technique has proven to be a versatile approach for the treatment of gynecomastia and consistently produces a naturally contoured male breast while resulting in a nearly inconspicuous scars.

* Results are markedly improved using the PAL-600E MicroAire power-assisted lipoplasty device (MicroAire Surgical Instruments,Charlottesville,Va.), power-assisted liposuction is used to reduce breast volume arising mainly from fat. I use power-assisted liposuction because it aids in passing the liposuction cannula through the fibrous parenchymal framework of the breast. Using the PAL-R407LL MicroAire helixed tri-port 4-mm cannula (MicroAire Surgical Instruments), liposuction of the entire breast is first carried out in the middle layer of subcutaneous fat tissue. Next, attention is focused on the breast tissue lying deep to the nipple-areola complex. Liposuction of this area is carried out in the subdermal plane, which we believe stimulates skin contraction in the postoperative period. I am the only person using this machine outside of Hyderabad.

Classification (Simon1973)

Group 1 is minor but visible breast enlargement without skin redundancy.

Group 2A is moderate breast enlargement without skin redundancy.

Group 2B is moderate breast enlargement with minor skin redundancy.

Group 3 is gross breast enlargement with skin redundancy that simulates a pendulous female breast.

Groups 1 and 2 require no skin excision

Group 3 :Breast development associated with group 3 is so marked that excess skin must be removed.

Surgical treatment is the only option to correct Gynecomastia

There are no medicines.

Exercises don’t help too.

They only exaggarate the problem.


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